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Dr. Richardson,

Hello.  I'm white male in mid 40s with bad reflux.  Went to urgent care center with burning in chest, PA there did attached ekg as precaution.  They said I had possible right branch block + left atrial enlargement.  My questions are:

- PA said I should have follow-up Echo (should I get this and/or any other tests done?)
- is this anything to be concerned about?
- should I restrict my activity level?  I do moderate exercise and trying to get in better shape.

I've had PVC's for 15+ years, went to cardiologist back in 2010 - he did thallium stress test + echo - results normal.  Also did cardiac calcium score - result was zero.  When I have a can of mountain dew per day for a few days then I get the PVCs.  Here's the rest of my stats:

bp = 110/60
LDL = 150 (type A)
HDL = 55
crp = 0.7
alc = 5.2
BMI = 20 (always very thin)
meds = Prilosec, fish oil

thanks so much for your time,


Hello Fred,

EKG is very poor at reading left atrial enlargement, and RBBB is clinically unimportant.

1. Echo seems a good plan to relieve any worries.  I bet it will be normal.'
2. Probably no concern is needed.
3. No, don't reduce your activity.

Please write back if this note doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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