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Hello. I am a 29 yr old mother of two. I do smoke but I do NOT drink or do drugs. I have had chest pain from anxiety since high school but I do NOT take medication for it. My blood pressure is normally a little higher than normal since my first child was born. Recently my chest pain has been much more frequent and at times more painful. A few months ago the pain was so severe I could not move. I felt paralyzedfom the pain. It lasted about 10 minutes. My father believes it may have been a heart attack. I refused to see a doctor because I don't have insurance and I can't run to the hospital for every ache and pain. Of course I thought at the time it was an anxiety attack like Ive never had before. The pain is always sharp and stabbing. Always located in the center and slightly left. Today my nose and the tip of my tongue is numb. I feel like Im on the verge of passing out even though Im sitting. After my major episode a while back Im a little nervous that it may not be anxiety pain. Does this sound like it could be something more? I really don't want to run to my doctor and pile myself in medical bills for anxiety attacks. Thank you for your time

Hi Kayla,
W/o testing it is impossible to judge whether your pains are cardiac in origin - highly unlikely unless you are at a high cardiac risk. Much more likely this is your anxiety!
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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