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I have new information that is not good. I started to become more winded so I saw a new cardiologist for a second opinion today. My normal puse rate is in the mid 80 range and today was 99 at rest and shot up to 125 after a three minute walk. It has been in the mid 99s the past 5 weeks.  I am going to wear an overnight heart monitor and possibly have a cardiac catheterization early next week. I will know about that tomorrow!!  What could cause such a increase in my heart rate and dramatic increase in winded sensation?

Hi Amy,
It is time for you to go to the other specialists. A cardiac catheterization is very unlikely to add useful information. Your symptoms are most suggestive of the fluid re-accumulating. An echocardiogram is all that is necessary, and a cath only if the echo is negative this time.
I have given you all the information I can give you from afar and cannot help you any further - this requires direct consultation!
Dr T

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