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We recently learned that our 23 month old son has a heart murmur (they said it was a "click") during an appointment for an unrelated matter. He had a follow up with cardiology. They did an EKG and an ultrasound and said that his EKG looked good, but he has a bicuspid pulmonary valve that is causing stenosis. They said he would need annual follow ups since he is not exhibiting any symptoms other than the murmur.

I was too surprised at the time to think of any questions, but now I have a few questions about this:

I know several people who had a murmur as a child and it went away when they got older. Is there a chance his murmur will resolve?

Nobody ever mentioned a heart murmur before this. Can it get worse with time? Like maybe it wasn't noticeable before, but is getting worse so now somebody heard a murmur? If so, is there anything I can do now to help him stay well? Do we need to restrict his activities?

Is this something that I need to make a special point of telling new medical providers about? Should I carry a card with the information on it in his diaper bag or something? I read that he might need to have antibiotics prior to dental appointments or surgery. Is this true?

Thank you!

Hi Amanda,
The murmur only points to the problem, in your son's case a stenotic(=partially obstructive) valve. Whether this will require treatment in the future depends on follow-up observations. Since your doctors have not told you how severe the obstruction is, I assume it is only minor at this point. It definitely needs to be followed and you should inform every physician of this findings.
Read this:
If you want to have specific information, the following is part of a medical student lecture I gave in the past:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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