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Hi, hoping for advice on whether to see cardiologist or internist and what tests to ask about.

I am 44, and PMH includes obstructive sleep apnea by sleep study which remains untreated (tried); and vasel vagel roughly every 2 years or so, usually during the night.  I've had normal cardiac work-ups because of the vasel vagel episodes, although I cant recall how recently.  Blood pressure and tests of any kind are always normal.

For maybe the last two years or so, I have had ankle swelling noticed at night when I take my socks off.  Normal socks leave deep impressions that take 30+ minutes to heal.  Wife who is an NP thinks its "definitely something" and has been bugging me to get it check out for a while.  Not sure that this has ever been mentioned to a doctor.  

2 other symptoms, but both explainable by other things.  First, I need 6 oz of water each and every night at some point during the night or I cant fall back asleep no matter what.  That has been true for as long as I can remember, and I have been tested for diabetes.  Second, I often have fatigue and low energy, but I have sleep apnea, and on rare days when I sleep better, this is less of an issue.

Hi Arthur,
You need to see your doctor again. I cannot tell from here what this might be caused by.
With a previous normal heart function, the ankle swelling is less likely to be caused by some form of heart failure, but this needs to be excluded once again:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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