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I am a white femal, age 53, diabetic, 215 pounds. diabetes very uncontrolled with A1C(s) being 8.3% for last 3 years and latest one last month 10.3%. I am running HIGH every morn and all day and night (265-400) regraless of what I do or do not eat. I am scared and my MD added 10u before each meal of Humalog insulin and says it is rapis onset, but not for me...it takes HOURS to even go down some...then time to eat and take meds again.  I just started that Humalog.  I sleep maybe 5 hrd a night in increments, I am VERY stressed from financial issues to my 93 yr old Mom (am her caregiver) having dementia and the antics she does-and I have odd blood pressure these past few weeks which promps this inquiry --(more later). I am in menopause, no cycle in 3yrs. The meds I list I have been on daily for 9 or so years..Glucophage 200mg,Glucatrol XL 10mg, Nexium 40mg, Lantus 55u nornings, Humalog (just added) 10 u prior to each meal,Benicat HCT 20mg, Tranxene 7.5 mg as needed for panic attacks,and Lasix 20mg prn, that I just use maybe twice a month.9 days ago I een my Dr for the high sugar and he added the Humalog, also said my liver enzymes are still mildly uop(40-50 on each enzyme above range) and I have a moderately fatty liver.. Well at the visit I was uptigh over a long wait and my high sugar and my BP was just 130/72 and me having a panic attack. Since the day after that visit I have been very dizzy and that promped me to get my BP checked alot since and each time it ranges from 98/58 to 114/70 but mainly 110/68. and I have always been high strung and panicky--can u tell me your opinion of the low pressure (heart is on 80's each time, and also your opinion on all issues above;maybe it will put my mind at ease.  Since my 93 yr old Momis SO bad and just has me, I have noticed that when I try to sleep and wake up about 8am, I am ver warm, so I go to use restroom and move to a cold room and as I do my heart zooms...then settles back after I lie back down, well, that alarms me also...I aslso have bad reflux this week trying to diet har as ever and stressed more over my situation.as of now the CRNP cut the 2000 mg of Glucopahe to 1000mg (which I know isn't helping by decreasing) but she wants to see if that helps liver enzymes. I have never had the famous colonoscopy. LSt stress test 5 yrs ago. 3 weeks ago normal EKG, 9 days ago no electrolyte issue BUT now I have dry ear canals that flake, and the day this low blood pressure started, I had a LAsix...am still dizzy, even sitting down--however despite low BP and sleep pattern, I am not tired at all. I also have ear issues and maybe that makes me dizzy? The machine used to check my BP is the old fashioned stethoscope type manual with a round dial attached...afraid it is a heart thing siuddenly

Hi jr,
You are at risk for coronary artery disease, but whether you have it I cannot tell, nor to what extend your panic attacks contribute to your symptoms.
This can only be resolved via consultation with your doctors. Read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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