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Dear Doctors,
I am 52 years old with high blood pressure which is under good control with medication, high cholesterol, also in normal range with medication and have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
I am overweight and have started a low carb diet and doing more exercise and so fr have lost 10 lbs. I recently had post menopausal bleeding and need to undergo a hysteroscopy.
Today I had my pre op assessment and as part of this I had an ECG.
Now I was very anxious about this as three years ago I had some chest pain and an ECG done at my GP surgery. He really panicked me by saying I needed to go straight to A&E which I did. There I had another ECG, blood tests and chest X ray. The doctors there said there was nothing significant that they could find and that everything was consistant with a woman my age with high blood pressure and sent me home.
Anyway, I had the ECG done today, I was very anxious and had spent some time going round and round in circles trying to find the right dept which added to my stress and anxiety.
Once I had completed the ECG,  I was given the printout and told to take it back to the pre op dept. On the way I looked at it. It said at the top
Normal sinus rhythm
Non speciifc T wave abnormalities
Abnormal ECG
As you can imagine I am very concerned about this.
Can you shed any light on this result please.
Many Thanks.

Hi Chris,
Your doctors will probably ask for a pre-operative cardiology consultation since you have some cardiac risks. Otherwise the EKG has little significance:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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