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I just had a carotid doppler ultrasound today and I seen some blue on the left of my neck and heard very loud swooshes but on the right side I hared swwoshes not as loud but still loud and I also seen a lot of blue and red colors-what can that mean?? I get one yearly and last year said just a small amt of plaque in common right artery. Alsao for near a month my high BP is now 100/60 and 104/55, and 120/62 over and over with heartrate 65 to 88. I have taken a ARB Benicar HCT 20 mg fro 10 years and never has this happened. Articles online mention casuses being heart attcks and heart failure and being a diabetic that gets my attention.  I have no Dr at this time;last month mine few the coop with no notice.  Reducing my Benicar did no good, the numbers stayed the same...what do you think of the readings (they are with a stethoscope manual sphygmomometer and others take it for me-I get dizzy off and on.I weogh 210 pounds;also anxiety attacks with post menopause stuff. ALso taken for 8 yrs insulin and glipizide glucophage prilosec and tranxene. I am female and 52

Hi JM,
You are definitely at risk for developing heart disease (diabetes, overweight and hypertension (now well controlled), but I cannot judge the result of your carotid echo based on what you heard and saw:
Live a heart healthy lifestyle is what I can advice:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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