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I've been having PVC's and PAC's for a couple of years. On holter ECG a year ago I had about 4.000 PVC's, with bigeminy, trigeminy and couple of short episodes of non-sustained VT. My cardiologist put me on Sotalol - at the begining I took very low dose (2X20 mg a day) and it worked great for about six months, no PVC's at all. Then they started again and he increased my dosage to 2X40 mg, and lately to 3X40 mg. It was ok for a while, but when I tried to go back to 2X40 mg a day since I felt very sleepy and slow, PVC's came back like crazy, sometimes every third or four beat... My question is: could it be that this medicine is simply not working for me anymore? And what do you think about sotalol for PVC's in general? Also, I'm not very happy with the fact that I have to take antiarythmics at all, since I'm only 35 and with otherwise healthy heart, as doctors say... However, PVC's are now seriously affecting my quality of life to the point I started thinking about having an ablation. What do you think? Thank you.

Hi Maya,
Since you have a normal heart otherwise, trhese PVCs do not indicate any inherent problem with electrical stability, and are completely benign.
Read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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