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IM a 41 y/o otherwise healthy male. Non smoker and active. That being said, Im a very anxious person. I have suffered from palpitations (daily at times), light headiness, and various aches and pains for years. I have had numerous EKGs, an echocardiogram 2 years ago, lab work, holitor monitor, chest xray, cardiac CT with a score of 0 and a physical exam by a cardiologist. I have sharp quick, localized pains in the center of my chest (around breast bone). These pains can be upper abdomen to an inch above breastbone. They are typically same location. They last 1-15 seconds and come and go- sometimes for several days. These are not brought on by exercise but can be anytime- even sleeping. I have noticed the area of my breastbone is sore when pressed on. What could cause this other than cardiac issues?

Hi Dave,
You have no symptoms that suggest your heart is not functioning as it should. You can check here to see whether you are at risk for developing cardiovascular disease:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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