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I had a bad run in with a pre workout supplement, NO X-plode. I used it three times, and each time made me feel like I was having a heart attack. The third time was especially alarming, so I went into a local urgent care to have an ECG done, twice. No damage was found, and my heart appeared normal. My chest x-ray was normal as well. I went to my family doctor to have blood work done, and that also came back normal. Oxygen saturation was 97%, and my normal resting pulse is 57 bpm. I attribute that to athlete's heart.

Anyway, my doctors didn't hear any skipping with my heart, but recently, it has gotten worse. A few beats actually cause a severe compensatory pump that I do feel. I get lightheaded, but I think it's because it scares me more than anything. While I know these are typically normal, I don't know if I should pursue further cardiac testing even though my other doctor advised I don't need it. I have normal BP, and I wonder if this is anxiety caused by my severe reaction to the prior incident with the pre workout supplement. Thank you for any answers in advance!

Hi Scott,
I don't know whether your symptoms are due to anxiety, a complication of NO Xplode, or new onset arrhythmia. The best way forward is to ask for an event monitor so that you can record these palpitations, as well as ask for a stress echo, since these are new changes in your heart rhythm.
Hope this helps,
Dr T  

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