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I am a female and diabetic and I am 54.  I have been on many meds for 9 yrs (all meds now are the same as back then) one of them is BENICAR HCT 20mg one daily.  I am a extremely high stressed lady(if u onky knew- u would be stressed also). But I am worried so I come to you, hopefully for reasurrance...for months my sugar for some reason was 300-410--npow with a rigid diet, etc it is much better from 212 at the highest this week to 100 the lowest this week.  My blood pressure is weird--even on Benicar which does me well (or did) I would typically run 130-80 or 130/70 and at the Dr at times, lol 160/80 (white coat) and I do have panic disorder.  To my knowledge for near 3 weeks I have run the 112-138 on top and the diastolic is staying 59 to 70--mainly 60--I AM SCARED--I read websites saying it could be heart atatcks, heart failures, throid stuff--in April my thyroid was good.  My Drs nurse called me a wek ago and said half the Benicar HCT from 20 to 10 , so I did, and I just see the top number go up a few points BUT NO changes tot he bottom--and my heartrate usually is in the 80's, and today it even has been lower than usual to 66-72.  Even upset I feel odd headed but the diastolic never leaps are my medicines and dosages...please help me and thanks.  
Glucopahe 500 mg twice a day--Glucatrol XL 10mg twice daily--Nexium 40 mg once daily---Benicar HCT now 10mg once daily--Lantus  55units each morn, Tranxene 7.5 prn for anxiety(this now makes things more fuzzier and bp like 100/60).  I occassionally use a slide scale Humalog insulin.  I have been on these meds 9 or so years. I do have a fatty liver and mildly elevated liver enzymes that dr cannit find a cause for--that is worry ing mew also along with being my 93 yr old mothers caregiver and her dementia, etc( I am stressed). Therefore I do not understand the low distolic with all my stressors in life--especially when it has always been a higher one mainly at 80.Can u tell me what MAY have caused this/ Am I in a risky situation form the diastlic of heart failure or MI--I also a yr ago had a normal Echo Sopler of the Heart and a normal carotid a year back..SHould they be repeated?? On the plus side I must say with these above numbers I feel more calm although odd headed--0I was very dizzy for 2 weeks but the past few days I do notice it as much just worried sick and feeling "odd".  I also have had heartburn like cray and havinf to temporarily double up on Nexium...also have diarrhea--this all started the same week 3 weeks back when I started dieting that I should have always been doing--for better glycemic control.  And lastly not right now BUt when I had 130/70 or 130/80 and jumped up too quick from tyhe couch or bed I would have dimmer vision and be lightheaded, and have a very fast heart til I sat or laid back down then instantly it retuned to a normal beat...was that normal??I weigh 214. I am post menopausal for 3 yrs. Lipids are ok excep triglycerides they are always 500.  and last for years of A1c tests have been 8.3% to recent one of 10.3%--I also have many disbling neck/back issues-not on pain meds. I know I asked a lot of questions, but I needs many answers to these I haev asked...please try to answer them all as my Dr never does...

Hi RC,
I am less worried about your BP than your weight and fluctuating blood sugars. However, I think all might improve if you can loose some weight. It is not just all about taking more (or other) pills. A heart healthy lifestyle is just as important!
Read this:
Other than that it would be wrong for me to advice you specifically, especially since your doctor appears very invoved with your care.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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