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Hello thanks for takin your time to read this.Ok so I recently quit smoking about a week ago, I have noticed that sometimes my heart resting rate is 55 to 65 but usually 55 bpm when laying down, also when I get up or do something it tends to go fast maybe around the 80 to 100 bpm I am really worried about this , I did go to the e.r. and had 2 ekg test 6 hours apart from each other and the doctor said it was normal, now can this be caused by the nicotine withdrawal? I dont really exercise, I am 23 yrs old 5'11 195 lbs, really worried about this, scared that I might have a heart problem cause I read that anything under 60 bpm is bad, exept if your an athlete, but im not.

Hi Emmanuel,
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. There is nothing wrong with your heart(rate). Rather, you should be concerned with your weight and start living a heart healthy life style (including exercise). With a BMI =27 you are sreiously overweight.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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