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I'm 67 and have been an avid runner for 20 years. My PCP and Cardiologist say I'm in excellent health. I've been bothered with pvcs/PACs most of my life and have had every test with all results normal. All the pvcs/PACs produce anxiety but I've learned to live with them to some extent. I usually feel each extra beat and know what they are but every once in awhile I feel something different. Occasionally I feel what I would describe as a weak flutter. It's some irregular fast beats, very weak feeling, (the beats are weak, not me) no typical thuds, etc. it only lasts a few seconds and I'll cough and it goes away and becomes normal. I don't get dizzy or short of breath, just scary. Is this just a form of another benign arrhythmia? Thanks

Hi Don,
If there is a change in your rhythm, it should be documented with an EKG and/or a cardiac event monitor. I cannot judge whether this a change or more of the same:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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