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Hi I tried asking a question earlier on but was told it was too long. So in short...

I have had an echo, several 24 hour ecgs and an EP study done in 2007 which concluded that the pvcs I was experiencing were benign. Exactly 2 years later during a panic attack I was told that the ecg was normal however showed inverted t waves. I was told that inverted t waves were no cause for concern as I was young and had no other heart disease symptoms. I was told it was just normal for my heart and it can be a normal finding in young adults (I was 28 yrs old at the time) my ecg from this year is also exactly the same.
How true is this statement? Can healthy individuals have inverted t waves in leads v2-4 with no other abnormality whatsoever? If I had cardiomyopathy induced by pregnancy in 2008 would the symptoms and ecg get progressively worse? Wouldn't my most recent ecg show some other abnormalities other than inverted t waves?

Hi A,
Re: How true is this statement? True enough. EKG interpretation needs to be  done in context with other findings. If there is no evidence of insufficient blood supply via other test, you are OK:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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