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Hi, I have some questions about PVC.

I've suffered from them for 5 years now...they come and go...sometimes they can be in the thousands a day...sometimes a few hundred. I've had multiple holters, echos, MRI (1) and stress test (1). I recently had a holter that showed roughly 2500 24 hours. All tests ok. The thing is that now i have them when exercising ( after exercising very little past 8 montths)..that means: I can run and feel fine..but when I stop after 1-2 minutes they come back with a vengance. When i lift weights i feel fine...but as soon as im resting between sets Bam they are back HARD. Sometimes when walking i get them...so i have to start running to make them stop. It seems to me that they like to attack when heartrate is 100-120 ish. I also get them at rest but im used to that. Does this make sense? Should I be worried about this?

34 ys/o old...no cardiac risk profile.

Yours sincerely

Hi Dan,
After all these normal tests, you have had ample proof you needn't worry. It is only a change in your rhythm that needs re-investigation.
Read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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