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I am a 68 yr. old female, 218 lbs., 5'6" and recently had an echocardiogram as a result of an episode of full left side numbness. At first the episode was diagnosed a a "mini-stroke" but it did not fit the symptoms of a stroke. I had no slurring of voice, was fully cognizant of my surroundings and current information, was not confused did not faint but did feel dizziness. The physician assigned to me at the hospital informed me that my left ventricle was enlarged probably due to sporadic high blood pressure events. I was then prescribed "beta blockers" and baby aspirin in addition to my routine medication regime. My question is, why am I still numb on my  left side and what effect would the high blood pressure have on the overall numbness? I appreciate your attention to my inquiry.

Hi Ida,
Sounds to me you had a stroke with residual symptoms. High blood pressure is a well known risk factor for stroke and likely responsible for your enlarged heart:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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