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Hello Doctor,

Ever since I was about 17/18 i would get this sudden spike of my heart rate whenever i am involved in some kind of exercise or sport(playing soccer). This sudden increase in my heart rate usually happens during quick/powerful directional movements. Pretty much when i started weightlifting. I am now 22 and these episodes would happen on average 1-4/5 times per year. Throughout the year though there are times where i feel frequent skipped beats and pre mature contractions. The cardiologist i see has done annual echos which have all come out normal, and a holter monitor as well as an event monitor, in which it picked up some skipped beats and atrial flutter, overall my doctor said it was all normal.

This sudden increase in heart rate (120 bpm normal exercise to around 190 -200 bpm) usually lasts anywhere between couple seconds to 15- 20 min(longest i remember which happened once). I have been told its called supraventricular tachycardia, which i thought is a heart rate spike randomly. Mine only happen during physical activity. I know that my doctor says that he sees nothing wrong,(mainly because all the tests were never able to catch a single episode), but is this really something i should be concerned about especially as i age? Are there any other tests that can be done to reassure that this is normal?  when this does happen are there any techniques i can use to stop it? Also can nutrition play a role in this or is there anything that i could consume to make this lass frequent? Can weightlifting cause an arrthymia like this?

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Skipped beats and atrial flutter are not normal. You should consider a formal evaluation with a cardiac electrophysiologist (with a copy of your Holter monitor) to determine if any treatment is necessary. Good luck!!!
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