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I was at the ER because of an episode with extreme pressure feeling in the chest, radiating down to the right arm, along with arm heaviness.
upon arrival at the ER the attack had subsided. An ECG was clear, however, the doc noticed that i had extremely fluctuating heart rate. I could observe this myself. Within 10 sec or eben shorter the heart rate went up from 85 - 90 to 12-130 and then back, before going up again. I was neither stressed, nor panicking. I am used to ER situations due to my severe conditions...
I do know such wide fluctuations since i have POTS. However, with POTS, i only ecperience the sudden high increase in heart rate with change of body position, partivularly with standing up from lying/sitting position. Moreover, the heart rate then stays! high before calming down after few minutes.
The ER doc said that i needed an in depth investigation, particularly as I have swollen feels and intermittent facial/Upper body edema suggestive of superior vena cava syndrome. He also said that an endocrinological work up was reasonable. (I dont have hyperthyroidism, rather mild hypothyroidism for which i currently dont take any meds)
What do you think could be the reason for such fluctuating heart rates?
I am 27, female, non smoker, no alcohol at all.
Tganks so much.

Hi Sarah,
Your situation is beyond the scope of this service. If you have POTS, you need to contact your cardiologists for a re-evaluation.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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