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Oh, Iím so sorry Doc. I was reading an article online and it appears I somehow copied it. My apologies. My question is this. Iím on a 30 day ambulatory cardiac monitoring device, Cardio net MCOT to be precise. As a long time sufferer from palpitations, fluttering and the occasional rapid heart rate (sometimes daily!), I have had a variety of cardiac monitoring devices. It is much easier than the event monitor and Iím told it records 24/7 and my cardiologist reviews a daily report of HR, and any irregularities, etc. Could a good cardiologist see additional heart issues using this monitoring technology? LVH, Cardiomyophy, ect? I want to thank you for your service on this site. Again, sorry for posting and article.!

Hi Jeffrey,
This device monitors your heart rhythm. You will need to record episodes such chest pain, feeling faint etc. LVH, Cardiomyophy, ect are diagnosed with other test such an EKGs and echocardiograms.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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