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hi, first thank you for your time, very kind of you to try and help us out .

my concern is I am a 54 year old female pretty healthy. I have anxiety , most the time from stress over health

ive had heart flutters, skips since I was 20.
I have had many heart checks threw the years always same pac

last 3 months have been Different .    started out having the 6 hours straight sitting at a ball park , didn't have them checked they went away
2 months later went and ate as I always do and got home hour later started having them again waited 5 hours at home for them to pass but didn't went to ER hooked me up watched for another 6 hours had them the whole time , cardio dr at er said they were pacs and I was having one every fouth heartbeat. went home they were gone so scary

sat I got them again had for 7 hours this time did not go to hospital they were coming massive and at one point every other beat. went away

went to cardio dr did ekg, was good no changes
had a stress test in 8/13 it came out good. had a echo two years ago it was good

cardio dr wants change meds from timolol to pindolol

question. is this normal for them to be coming for so many hours and that close together, before I had them for a day but a few here and there never that close and straight hours

do you think thats a better med than the one I am on, I have been on it 25 years no side effects, but seems like maybe I need something a little stronger if they are going keep getting more and more hours at a time.

my concern is how dangerous are they now, why are they coming so many and so long.

is there other test I should do or just go on with life and try to ignore them.

thank you again.

Hi Barbara,
Your doctor has already tested you to see whether you are at risk for dangerous complications of your palpitations: you are safe!
Read this blog I just wrote yesterday:
Changing medications is just to see if pindolol is a bit more effective.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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