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It seems I have struggled with palpitations for 5-7 years now. I am otherwise a healthy 39 y/o guy. My BP does run a borderline high and I see a therapist for anxiety. I dont smoke and I’m a healthy weight. For years I have had issues of my HR increasing with minimal activity ( getting up), picking up a box, ect. Normal cholesterol. These Palpitations range from skipped beats to flutter and can last seconds to a couple minutes. Sometimes these cause my heart rate to increase and I become panicky. These seem to occur mornings and evenings but have no set pattern. I routinely have them daily. During the last 3 years I have seen a cardiologist and had the following test: Echocardiogram, 24 hour hoitlor , 21 day Cardio net monitoring, numerous EKG’s at the cardiologist office, chest x-ray, blood work, a cardiac calcium score scan. Although the cardiologist says my heart is a “nuisance”- everything is within limits. Have you heard of people simply having to live with this condition? My cardiologist said I could take a beta blocker but it simply depends how arrgivating these become. Just wanted your take on this. Is there any additional test that could rule out anything life threatening?

Hi Bert,
You have had all the cardiac tests to exclude anything serious with your heart. I agree with your cardiologist and take a beta blocker to reduce the incidence of your palpitations. You had just about all the cardiac tests I would have ordered at this point in someone with palpitations. They pretty much exclude the presence of coronary artery disease:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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