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I'm a 34 year old active female (not athlete, but exercise regularly and have for years). In August 2013 I started experiencing palpitations that would relate to exercise (particularly during exercise and recovery). I was investigated with echo, ecg, holter (231 PVCs, feel every single one), stress test and MRI. The MRI revealed mild dilation to both ventricles, but with perfect function. Nothing else worth noting. It was suspected I might have dilated cardiomyopathy or that this would be exercise related and was referred to a cardiomyopathy / sports cardiology expert.

To my relief, his conclusion of my situation is that I absolutely do not have dilated cardiomyopathy or any (structural) heart disease. The heart function remains perfect, the LV dilation is minimal and the VO2 max results support the fact that this physiological adaptation to exercise. Wonderful news.

However, the PVCs continue, daily. They come every time with exercise, they also come at rest. I am now on some beta blockers as they cause me great anxiety. The dose is very low as I have a very low HR (low 40s), they have taken the edge off, but the sensations have not disappeared.

I can sort of live with the bumps and thumps, but what is absolutely freaking me out is that I'm pretty sure I am also experiencing couplets and triplets. I am so worried this means that the situation is getting worse. The cardiologist didn't seem particularly worried about this, but I am. Can something like this genuinely be normal and part of the parcel of suffering with these things? I don't understand how I have gone from hardly ever having any heart issues to suddenly experiencing these daily. Can that be normal?

Hi M,
If you have "couplets and triplets" they can be demonstrated with an EKG. If your doctors are not concerned neither should you.
Read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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