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I am told I have a heart click..what is that and is it life threatening/seriou? CRNP said that...bp was 170/90 tht day , no EKG done no repeat BP...been on Benicar HCt 10 yr have had excellnt control till last 2 any of this serious? I know BP is up and now I am constantly worrying...very stresses chronic shingles/diabetes/anxity./4 yrs post meno/also left side from left side of left breast around underarm to spine and  deep in armpit same side is a pain that comes and goes for a few wks...may have strained I haev a lot of neck and back issues and strain pulling on elderly mother, etc...last echo of heart less than a yr showed mild stress test in 6 yrs...any advise appreciated...worried sick about heart since I am diabetic and major stress daily

Hi Juan,
You need to be evaluated for coronary artery disease. This is best done via a stress test.
Read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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