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I am 30 Years Male and experience in trouble to take breath easily. So I have undergone a full blood test report for liver and lipid profile and results showing for Lipid Profile: Serum Cholesterol - 240, Serum Triglyceride - 195, S.HDL Cholesterol Direct - 36, S.LDL Cholesterol Direct - 165, VLDL- 39, Chol./HDL.Chol.Ratio - 6.67, LDL Chol.HDL Chol. Ratio - 4.58 and Liver Test sGPT (Alt) UV Kinteic IFSS - 57. After consultation with my Family Doctor, he suggested me that there isn't require any medicine now and I am on borderline. So he suggested me to do daily exercise and avoid oily heavy food.
My Sugar Test with Fasting @ 75 & Post Pradinal (After Lunch) 112.
Haemogram Report: Haemoglobine 15.3 Gms/100 Ml., Heemoglobine % - 105.52%, Total RBC-4.8, Packed Cell Volume - 39.8, MCV - 82.92, MCH-31.88, MCHC - 31.88, MCHC - 38.44, Total WBC - 10700, Neutrophils 49, Lymphocytes 50, Eosinophils 01, Monocytes 00. Basphils 00.
So you are requested to me to guide on my lipid profile and liver function test and guide how can I reduce the bad Cholesterol and improve HDL.
Thanks in advance for your kind support.

Your triglycerides were also elevated. You may have fatty liver.
You should be doing low carb, moderately low fat diet and exercise including weight training. Without knowing your weight you should achieve lean body mass. Good luck!!!
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