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Some history:
25yo female
5'10ft 149lbs
Active, healthy lifetstyle
Non drinker/smoker, no caffeine, minimal junk food
On Birth Control (seasonique) for the past 5 years

For the past couple of months I have been experiencing some sharp shooting chest pains while laying down. It is mid chest, starting on the left and intensifying on the sternum and raidiating to the right. Its pulsating, sharp, almost electric. It is not dull, I do not feel short of breath, my chest does not feel compressed, it doesnt intensify or feel better when I move, press on it, or breathe in.

Its not every night, and some days it only lasts for a few seconds. Other times it has woken me up from a dead sleep, and last for 5 minutes.

Other symptoms (may or may not be related) that I feel at night, but do not show up during these episodes are:
Irregular heart rhythm (beats very slow and hard, then doubles in speed for a few minutes.
VERY mild breathlessness. Only lasts for a few seconds.

Should I get further diagnostics? Is this just 'normal' pains as an adult? Muscle cramping?

Absolutely no history of heart problems.

Hi Kerry,
It is unlikely to be anything dangerous, but w/o a full consultation I cannot judge your situation. Read this about chest pains and see if anything compares to what you are complaining about (follow the links):
If, after reading them you you still think you are at risk you should see your doctor!
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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