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Dr. Ahmed, I am a 58 yr old male. About 18 months ago I went into cardiac arrest due to 100% of LAD. After the arrest, my ejection fraction was 39 and is currently same. I also have atrial arrhythmia. Recently, I have been having episodes (approx 1 per month) in which I awaken with a deep throbbing pain in my chest. If I stay in bed it slowly worsens, but I usually get out of bed within 1 minute. Once I get out of bed, the problem seems to quickly resolve itself. Half the time I end up mildly nauseated and sweating. Is this likely something occurring in my heart? I sometimes am tempted to stay in bed to see what happens; or maybe one day I'll be too tired to even awaken when it happens. My cardiologist says my EKG, which is already erratic, doesn't look much different at my appt every 3 months. Thanks for your time.

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The description of the episodes would be very atypical for heart related pain. It would usually be reproducible, worsen with exertion and may be associated with features such as shortness of breath. Furthermore the fact the pain resolves when you get out of bed is even more atypical. So based on the story you have told this is not likely to be related to the heart. Given your history however any chest pain should be taken seriously and you should certainly discuss this with your cardiologist who should be able to reassure you after taking a full history. Regardless you should take the medicines that were prescribed to you after the heart attack as they have been proven to increase pumping function of the heart, quality of life and survival after a heart attack.  

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