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Dear Sir,
An echo was performed on my daughter heart last month. Can you give us your diagnosis and direct us what to do next?

LVIDD: 3.2 cm
LVIDS: 2.1 cm
IVSD: 0.5 cm

% FS: 34
Ejection fraction: 65

ECHO: Normal segmental anatomy. Mild TR-PG 22 mm HG. Delicate mitral valve. Large ASD secundum of 12-14 mm, L-R shunt, deficient Aortic rim of 4mm. No VSD. PG 12 mm HG at PA. Normal Aorta and arch, no PDA or coarctation. dilated RA and RV. Good LV contraction, no pericardial effusion.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

thanks a lot for your kind help and effort.

Hi, http://blog.myheart.net

There is other information required, such as how old is your daughter, and why was the test done in the first place,

On the information presented so far, she has an atrial septal defect. It is the most common type which is secundum.

The next question is whether it needs fixing or not. This requires a little more information however it appears there is some enlargement of the right chamber of the heart. The good news is that the pressures in the lung are not high, and the shunt has remained left to right, which basically means that there is not any evidence of irreversible damage. Possibly this can be fixed using a minimally invasive technique although the mention of a possibly deficient aortic rim may mean it cant. Its hard to comment much further without seeing the images.

If i were you i would go and see a cardiologist familiar with dealing with structural heart disease and the management of atrial septal defects. Although it looks like this will require repair, the good news is that it can possibly be done minimally invasively and also that there is no evidence of irreversible damage.

Hope that was helpful,  

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