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About five years ago I had a major panic attack that led me to hospital thinking I was having a heart attack..
I had all the tests done and was told there is nothing wrong with my heart but was still getting anxeity symptoms of chest pain palpitaions and what not..
I then went to have a echo scan that showed a bicuspid aorta with no leak or anything and was told my heart is absolutely healthy and the bav is working as it should though I'm to have a checkup every 2 years...
I live a very active life gym every day and play in a football team but still get scared thinking I have something wrong that leads me to get tested every 6 months or so..
Every day I think I'm having a heart attack but yet shortly after an attack I can go the gym and easily run 10k on the treadmill and feel great while doing it !
I've had 24hr monitors with nothing bad to show.. Sorry to go on but surely if I were to have problems it would happen at the gym not while driving or sitting watching TV ? Thanks for your help..  Oh I'm a 30yo male resting hr of 45 and good bp. Thanks again for you help :)

Hi Neil,

Lets look at the evidence so far. After your episode you had several tests. Likely some blood tests that showed no damage to the heart. An EKG that showed no sign of ischemia. A monitor that showed no frequent rhythm abnormality. An echo that showed no sign of heart damage. So despite your symptoms your tests were normal. On top of that you are fit and active and basically you complete stress tests all the time in the setting of strenuous sports. Whatever you are having every day is clearly not a heart attack. In fact you are basically in the lowest risk group. Those are the facts.

In terms of the bicuspid valve, regular follow up is key. Importantly nothing sudden is going to result from that.

Hope that was helpful

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