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Heart & Cardiology/irregular heart beats with tightness and throbing pain behind the sternum


I am 54 years old, Male no family history of heart disease. I visited the ER, the Cardiac Doctor ran a number of blood tests
no enzymes in blood to determine heart damage ,EKG and stress test [treadmill] which I believe takes a view of circular system. All negative. I continue to experience irregular heart beats and a throbbing mild pain behind the sternum, occasional tightness as well in the same area. No other symptoms[dizziness,lightheadedness]I am not under any stress.
Your opinions would be appreciated.  
Thank you Dr. Ahmed


The good news is that the blood tests performed in the emergency room showed that the event you had was not a heart attack. The EKG and the stress test then put you in to a relatively low risk category, i.e you are unlikely to have serious underlying heart disease. This does not exclude the presence of any underlying heart disease however.

You should follow up with a cardiologist or your regular Dr and discuss these symptoms and ensure that further testing is not required. In terms of the irregular heart beats you may benefit from the use of a monitor to diagnose any potential arrhythmia if you are symptomatic from these. Most importantly your risk factors for heart disease need to be identified and addressed appropriately such as blood pressure, lifestyle, smoking, diabetes, etc..

Hope that was helpful,

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