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Hello Dr Ahmed.
I am a 40 year old fairly healthy female that has been troubled by random pvcs for the past 5 years.  I've had 3 holters, ekg, blood work, check xrays all come back normal with the exception of "benign" pvcs.  I'm lucky that I can go days without any then usually only one or two very pronounced skips a day.  Sometimes they will subside for weeks then rear their ugly head again! On the odd occasion # a few times a year # I will have a run of them about 20 or so after a heavy meal.
My questions are, if all my tests are normal should I go ahead and have an echo cardiogram just to rule out structural abnormalities? Also, if these continue to be symptomatic for me do beta blockers really lessen the "sensation" of pvcs?
I don't smoke, don't drink caffeine, sometime have gerd/reflux issues which I know can irritate the pvcs.  Your advice and reassurance would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

Hi, read this article i wrote on PVC's, hopefully it answers a lot of the questions you may have, http://blog.myheart.net/2014/07/30/pvc-heart-beats-are-they-dangerous/.

Given that you have the PVC's, even though they are likely benign in nature i would go ahead and get an echocardiogram to rule out underlying structural heart disease. I've found that beta blockers may work for some but not all patients, and in the case of symptomatic pvc's they are certainly worth a try.

Let me know if you have further questions after reading the referenced article,

Hope that was helpful,  

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