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I'm 68 and considered by my pcp and cardiologist in excellent health. I've been a runner almost daily for the last 20 years and have a resting heart rate of around 48 bpm and low cholesterol  with good HDL and LDL numbers (total in the 140s.) I do take Avapro daily for bp.  My systolic bp sometimes reaches in the 150s or higher and I notice after one reading the systolic will drop, sometimes significantly, down to the 130s or lower....maybe after 2 minutes after the first reading. My diastolic is almost always in the 60s. I guess my average bp is around 135/62. My doctors don't seem concerned and feel like the avapro  is doing its job. They even told me not to take my bp so often because it leads to unnecessary worry.  They believe I'm doing everything right for good health and to continue with running, etc.  I can't help but wonder though when the top number stays around 135 that it should be lower. Obviously I'm somewhat obsessive about it. Wonder what you thought. Thanks so much

Overall you seem to be doing well.

I certainly wouldn't obsess over the blood pressure reading. With increasing age the data would not strongly support very aggressive blood pressure control anyhow. Furthermore, in general most of the benefit is below the 140's mark and you are comfortable there. If you truly want a good idea of where your BP control stands, with more prognostic value, then a 24hr blood pressure monitor may be of more use. Keep exercising and doing well.

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