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I am a 18 year old female and I was just wondering about arrhythmias. I'm a little confused as to what is classified as one. Before I didn't feel it but noticed when I took my pulse it was 2 normal beats then 3 fast ones and back to normal again. As far as I know its not done that before and I cam in from the cold into a hot room so I don't know if that had something to do with it. I looked at the causes of one type I think it was supa proximal tachardia or something like that and the causes were all benign. My  question sort of is, do people or can they get different types of arrhythmias now and again without it being serious or having an actual condition which you need to take medication for? Or are they the kind of thing that if you experience them once you are labelled as having that type. I'm just a bit confused and the internet makes me really worried about this sort of stuff. Another example is my sister who 5 years ago had a ecg and echiocardigram and everything was fine but when she lays on her left side she gets like a skipped beat/flutter feeling which I think may be constant. She has no other symptoms and this isn't all the time just now and again at night when shes going to sleep however this doesn't fit into a type of arrhythmia. Things like this worry me constantly and im just a tad confused about it all probably because of the internet. Anyway Thanks


Palpitations are very common and although a cause of anxiety, most are benign. If you are just having short lived runs of these as you described i most likely wouldn't worry. If you had associated symptoms such as long runs that are frequent, shortness of breath, dizziness or passing out, then they should be further investigated.

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