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hello im a 38 yr old male i have a history of 2 episodes of lone afib each episode lasted 48 hours converted by meds i have sinus tachy i take 100 mg of atenenol a day plus 1 adult asprin daily . i had a cardiac ct scan and i was given a calcium score of 4 so i was put on norvasc 2.5 mg  a day and crestor 5 mg a day . my total cholestrol was 202 latley i have been having center chest pain for about 3 days. it comes in waves and does not stay around longest 2 mins a shot. i have taken ant-acid pills and it does not seem to work . i have taken advil and it does not work either. i have no other symptoms . I also am on xanax .25 mg daily as well as needed. Does this pain sound cardiac in nature? or could it be someting else.

Hi Matt,
W/o an examination I cannot judge your pain.
These chest pains are unlikely to be caused by your heart but you can calculate your cardiac risks here:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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