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Hi Mustafa, thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

Recently, I have not been eating much due to IBS issues. I am not sure if the lack of food intake has contributed to this. I have been drinking lots of water, however.

I have been noticing my heart rate increasing when I stand from a lying position, from 75bpm before to 142bpm after standing for two minutes. I usually feel a little lightheaded. Then, if I lie flat again my heart rate drops to 49bpm. Usually, my resting heart rate is 75-80bpm.

I can also feel my heart pounding more than usual when I walk up a flight of stairs for example, and I am tired and a bit weak.

Is this something I should be concerned about? What should I do about it?


The symptoms you describe are known as orthostatic tachycardia. They are often due to issues of dehydration, however can also be associated with disorder of the autonomic nervous system. The first step therefore is to see if the symptoms resolve with adequate hydration and treatment of the underlying disease. The lack of intake can certainly contribute. If the symptoms persist however then there is a possibility of some form of autonomic dysfunction, and this is described in the articles above. Autonomic dysfunction may coexist with disease states such as IBS. If the symptoms persist i would certainly go and get some simple tests done to rule out underlying metabolic disturbances, hormone derangements, and/or coexistent infection. If they have been ruled out then further tests regarding the autonomic system can be considered.

Hope that was helpful,  

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