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Hi my 5.5 year old daughter was recently sick with some type virus with hives. The fever is gone and the hives are almost gone , but I noticed her heart rate is higher than previously. She is at near 100 at asleep and maybe  105 to 110 when awake and resting. She has no meds or concerns. Previously at rest she was under 100 often 80's. I do not know what is was when asleep bc I never checked until now. What do you think of this? Can this be normal after a virus? How long do I wait to see if things get better? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Hi Heidi,

Firstly children are known to have relatively higher resting heart rates that decrease with age, in the 5-6 year range it is typically 80-115 beats per minute. In the setting of fever, it goes higher, and this is an appropriate response due to both the fever, and also as a response to dehydration. This should settle with the infection resolving. The good news is she has no symptoms of dizziness or such. The heart rate of near 100 asleep and up to 110 at rest awake is not itself a concern. As always if concerned then if you still feel its elevated after a few days then you could always go get a simple check up to reassure you further.

Hope that was helpful.

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