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hi, thank you for being here for us. i wanted to ask i have had pac since i was 23 now 55 still get them but seam to be lasting longer like days and more of them like every other heart beat.  wanted to know if they can be cause by acid reflux.  this week woke up with burping, lots air in chest but when i would have a pac thats when i would burp, lasted two days , now stomach seems out of wack and does not feel good i think its from stress of having two days of pacs, i could feel heart pause , felt every one of them and could feel it in my throat, than there are times i have them like flutters and i don't burp or have the air, is this strange and why so different?  had a echo, stress test, keg all done this year says heart good, my blood pressure alway low and my chols are good range , don't smoke , but i am very much anxiety when they start ,  seems like after 35 years i would be used to them but they scare me every time.  mom lived to be 73 no heart problems , my dad 81 still alive no heart problems, both grandmothers in 90 but did not die from hearts,  thank you again

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Im going to make the assumptions that the beats you are feeling are PAC's since you say they have already been diagnosed and been present for a while. Theoretically there is a link between the nerve supply to the stomach and the system that controls the heart although this has not been definitively proven. I would say though i have heard this question regarding reflux and palpitations from from patients before.

Atrial ectopics are more annoying than dangerous. Knowing that many people would opt for observation alone and no specific treatment. If symptomatic it is reasonable to try a medication such as a beta blocker. If this doesn't work and the symptoms are annoying you to the extent you need rid of them then other medications can be tried.

Interestingly reflux and palpitations may share the same triggers and i would try avoid them to see if theres a change in symptoms. These include removal of alcohol and caffeine, stimulant drugs, smoking, and dietary modifications. Since you are getting these symptoms its reasonable to try not to eat late and watch what you eat, and maybe even a trial of antacids.

Its reassuring that your tests done this year were normal. If you have been assessed by a cardiologist, and isolated PAC's are your only diagnosis then i wouldn't worry too much because the outlook is good in terms of prognosis.

Hope that was helpful,

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