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Dear Dr. Frank,

Thanks for your help & i am very grateful to you all life, u removed big fear from my mind. God bless u, you are doing great job by helping the anxious people. God will give you the alm.I have been dealing with severe heart anxiety since 12 years.   Dr. now i understood that, hyperventilation is harmless & does not cause coronary artery spasm or variant angina.   I know that, anything can happen to anyone, no one is safe in this world. My OCD is forcing my intrusive thought, it doesn't accept uncertainty & always wants to be safe. Sometimes people get anxious, stressed or panic for certain reasons. Even those who have been diagnosed coronary artery spasm, if sometimes when they get anxious or get fear. As 90% of population sometimes get anxious or panic or hyperventilate, so hyperventilation will not cause coronary artery spasm or variant angina to normal as well as diagnosed persons. I know this ocd is bringing lot of unwanted doubts. It will be helpful to me to silent my ocd intrusive thoughts. I will be grateful to you all my life. My wife & kids will pray for your well being & health. As they are also suffering due to me. god will put in heaven for your work.God bless you. This is my last question. As due to my mitral valve prolapse, i have anxiety issues. plz help me.

Mitral valve prolapse is a common problem occurring in approximately 20% of the population. It generally does not cause problems but will need to be re-evaluated periodically over the coming years and decades. Good luck!!!
         Dr. P

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