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I am 37 years old and a male. I have started going to the gym to get exercise. As a student of computer science I spend a lot of time immobile. It has been that way for about a year now. My experience on the treadmill is a measured heart rate of about 100 bpm initially. If I walk for upwards of half an hour at 3.5 miles an hour, my heart rate will reach 140 bpm. I then begin to feel faint and if I continue I would at least fall, if not pass out. How should I take this? Should it be a cause for alarm?

If I adjust the pace from the start of my walk to keep my heart rate close to 118 bpm, it can have a variance of about 5-10 bpm every few seconds. In this case, I tried to keep it around 118 bpm for the duration of the whole walk, it never reaches 140 bpm in this case.

Hi Kevin,
My impression: You are out of shape! However, ther is nothing wrong with a HR=140 during exercise. At age 70, I get mine up to 160 to give an example. Read this:
Hope trhis helps,
Dr T

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