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I am a fit, and "young" just about to turn 67 yo woman.  My hypertension is almost always controlled by lowest doses of Metropolol ER and Lisinopril, daily.  At Dr. visits and even at home, it is usually 110/70, 120/70, occasionally higher but rarely over 140/90.  Today I took my BP (I was watching something stressful on TV, yes that was stupid lol) and it went WAY up to 159/99, then came down to 140/80 after four more attempts.  So naturally this freaked me out.

My Dr. calls my hypertension "benign".  I'm just wondering if lack of good sleep last night, something I ate today, general frame of mind (which is not good, I lost my daughter almost three years ago and am mourning), elevated anxiety, and "white coat" syndrome (after all, I AM taking my BP) could account for this weird spike.  Heart rate was 60 bpm (resting) when blood pressure was measured as very high for me.  Any thoughts?

Thank you for your service.  I am an expert on this site in another category.

Blood pressure varies constantly. The question is not really if your pressure is ever elevated but how much of the time. If it remains a question you can ask your doctor about a 24 hour BP monitor. Good luck!!!
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