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I have a question that arose when I saw NHL hockey player Rich Peverley collapse on the bench last night and learned he had suffered from Atrial Fibrillation prior.  It concerned me because 3 years ago (when I was 28) I had an episode of Atrial Fibrillation caught on ECG when I woke up with an irregular heart rate and went to the ER.  I had a couple glasses of beer the night before and had been drinking a lot of caffeine in the days prior, but I've never done any other drugs.  I was told by my cardiologist that this was lone afib.  I've had multiple ECGs (including an exercise stress test) as well as an echo and a couple holters.  

I've always assumed it was very unlikely that afib would degenerate into vfib, but this episode with the hockey player last night has got me a little concerned.  I understand that one of the few conditions that could cause afib to turn into vfib is Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome.  The tell tale signs of this syndrome have never showed up in any baseline ECG/holter and I'm assuming nothing showed up during my episode of Afib either as it was never mentioned to me.

So my question is I know that wpw can be latent or concealed, but is this just at baseline?  Would it have shown up during tachycardia such as during my afib episode?

I'm just a bit concerned because Rich Peverley had suffered from afib and then he just collapsed and had to have his heart defibrillated to get a regular beat again.  


Hi Dustin,
While I cannot comment on this event, AF and WPW are unrelated arrhythmia, both of which may be treated with a electric shock. Read more here:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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