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I am having panic attacks and when I get them I get pvcs and sometimes bigeminy.  I do not have the bigeminy at any other time, I do have the pvcs with normal anxiety.  I had a echo done on my heart in 2012 and everything came back normal.  Size and function were all normal.  Also had chest x-rays in January of this year and everything was normal along with normal EKGs.  My regular doc and three other docs at the ER have all told me that this is benign because i have a healthy heart with normal function and size.  However, one doctor at the ER scared me like crazy because he said that there is the possibility of sudden death. He was very rude and i started crying and then he just left without answering any questions I had. The next doc that came on duty told me that doc should have never scared me and told me that.  My regular physician does not think I have anything to worry about.  My question is can having bigeminy or pvcs during a panic attack cause sudden death because of the adrenalin?  I do  not have any other symptoms. I am afraid to get nervous or anxious or have a panic attack.

Hi Gina,
Often PVCs are completely benign.
Read this:
PVCs sometimes are a marker for underlying heart disease:
You can check here whether you are at risk:
If your heart function is otherwise normal, most often PVCs  are completely benign. I necessary, Beta Blockers can be used to decrease the number of PVCs to a more tolerable level:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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