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Just found out I have MVP and mild regurgitation one year ago at age 52. I just completed my second echo in the two year, first showed ejection fraction 67 which is still the same, mild mitral regurgitation, physiologic tricuspid reg now mild, and trace aortic reg, Mild mitral valve prolaspse, mild right ventricular dilatation, aortic arch 3.24m, calcification of the aortic valve, other functions seem to be normal.

My second one done two weeks ago showed some changes,  1, Mild thickened mitral valve, How can I see on echo report if over or under 5mm? At follow up docter said no thickening but later I saw on report.  2, My RVSP is now 36 ml was 27 ml last year? Docter did not say anything about that on fellow up.  3. Mild left atrial enlargement by volume criteria now 31 ml was 21 ml last year. I am feeling good no symptoms, good weight and diet. Doctor said to repeat in two year. Still uncomfortable with some amounts going up so much and new thickness in MV. thank you.

Hi Yvonne,
The only information that is relevant to you, is the fact the MVP has not progressed. All the rest is a technical description and not clinically relevant at this point.
Please read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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