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quick history:  dx w/breast cancer (2009), had a L mastectomy, told had an enlarged heart/palpitations, given lower dose of chemotherapy & had radiation.
i started to have shortness of breath, which prompt me into seeing the dr.  after taking ekg & nuclear stress test, i was ordered for a cardiac catherization, in which the dr says is clean as a baby.  then was told that the left ventricle isn't pumping effectively, probably due to chemo/radiation, w/an ejection factor of 25%.  Is there anything i can do to increase the ej?

Hi Sia,
You have a condition called heart failure possibly the result of your cancer treatments:
A Low EF
A low EF number is an early sign of heart failure. This is a condition where the heart doesn't pump enough blood to the rest of the body. With treatment, many people live well with heart failure. So if you have a low EF, it is important that you recognize the signs of heart failure, which may include:

shortness of breath
Cough with exercise or lying down
swelling in the feet
Difficulty breathing when lying dow
Loss of appetite and abdominal discomfort
Weight gain due to fluid retention
A low EF can also cause an irregular heartbeat, which can make your heart stop pumping effectively.

See more at: http://www.cardiachealth.org/heart-information/heart-failure#EF
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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