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tintin wrote at 2014-03-20 16:56:40
Just to further reassure this questioner.... I also suffer from frequent pvcs with no other symptoms, and last year went to A and E (ER) after my heart was in bigeminy for a few hours. The cardiologists view was the same as the doctors on here - not dangerous unless you have heart disease or structurally abnormal heart - even if having bigeminy. He did not think I even needed beta blockers. For further reasurance, look up the research by H L Kennerly - Prognosis of frequent ectopics in asymptomatic individuals. Over 10 years a group of patients with very frequent pvcs, up to 500 an hour, had the same death rate as the general US population. It was a smallish study, but the patients were thoroughly screened beforehand (unlike only ekg in some studies) so no reason to think that the results aren't accurate or applicable to similar people like us.

Thank you again to Dr T and Dr Pearl for the valuable service they provide here, reassuring and educating us on heart issues. It's a wonderful service.

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