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Before I was taking help from Dr. David Richardson, who had removed my many fear time to time, but he is unavailable now. I am male 46 years old having severe health anxiety & mitral valve prolapse with trivial regurgitation since 12 years with sometimes  palpitation, chest tightness & short of breath. I did 3 stress treadmill test (recently 3 months before), 4 holter monitor test, 3 echo cardiogram (recently 15 days ago), several ekg (recently one week ago), I walk daily for 40 minutes since 12 years. I stop smoking before 6 years, even though I was not chain smoker. My lipid profile is well under control. Total cholesterol 180, Ldl 115, HDl 38. I would like to know, i was reading One article how to prevent heart disease or heart attack, as i have severe anxiety, In the article it was mentioned to do coronary artery calcium scan for highly risky patient If a test detects mildly clogged arteries, your doctor may recommend things like daily aspirin or other meds, a cholesterol-lowering plant-based diet, vitamin KČ, and exercise to reverse the damage.
& the normal person, whose artery has 50% blockage can be blocked 100% within a matter of hours. How is it possible the plaque which was 50% blocked can be automatically be blocked by 100%. I got very feared after reading this article. I think it can be due to rapture of plaque which can cause blockage. How can the plaque automatically becomes thick (double) all of sudden to increase it by 100%. Can u plz help remove my doubt. I will be grateful to you. If it is applicable to high risk patient like diabetic or smokers. I just cannot believe somebodies plaque can automatically be double without anything within hour. If anyone is controlling his diet & not eating unhealthy food, eating heart healthy food, brisk walking, exercising also for risk of 100% blockage within hour, I have heard that, plaque development takes time maybe decades. How within hour your plaque will be double from 50% to 100%. This has confused & created fear in my mind. Any normal person who has 50% blocked in his arteries, how it can become 100% without any risk factor. If someone is smoking or not exercising or eating unhealthy deep fried food, he can developed cad & that also after a long time.My concern is that, will my arteries will also be blocked 100% within hour, if i am walking daily for 40 minutes, eating healthy food & fruits. avoiding deep fried foods or their are certain risk factor like age or genes or liver producing excess cholestrol. How come anyone arteries will be blocked from 50% to 100%, his cholestrol or ldl cholestrol will suddenly stick on the wall of arteries to make it 100% blocked within hour. It is truly misleading. I cannot believe, but still there is doubt in my mind, as it has created lot of anxiety in me. What if it is true. If anyone is exercising & taking statin drug or asprin, then also his arteries will be blocked within hour by 100%.  I did not understand the article properly & misinterpreting the anxiety symptoms as angina symtoms. When i brisk walk for 40 minutes daily i don't face any problem. Also, i climb 10 stairs daily. Plz help me, if i continue to exercise & eat healthy food, then, also i am risk of getting my arteries blocked from 50% to 100% within hour as mentioned in the article. I have read that, the plaque buildup can be stabilized & even reversed with diet & exercise.

Hi Afzal,
I don't consult on anxiety disorders. You can find a lot of information about heart disease on my website:
Meanwhile avoid cardiac risk as much as possible and live a heart healthy lifestyle:
That's all anybody can do!
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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