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QUESTION: hi im a 37 male my history, i have sinus tachardia and take 100 mg of atenenol daily i have had 2 episodes of lone afib in october 2012 and then in october 2013. i woke up with chest pain dead center it comes and goes. it is like a pericing pain, its got me worried . my heart rate and blood pressure is fine. i had all the heart tests in the last 5 years. everything is fine and we never found the cause of the lone afib . I dont recall doing anything to sprain or strain myself. what do you think it is.

ANSWER: In the absence of structural heart disease, thyroid problem, drugs, or alcohol it sounds like you have lone atrial fibrillation. Good luck!!!
         Dr. P

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QUESTION: Hi so this chest pain I'm having could be lone afib I'm going in and out it you think ?

I am sorry. I did not understand your question. Lone atrial fibrillation should not cause chest pain. I cannot evaluate or explain the chest pain over the Web. If it is something new since you have been evaluated you need to discuss it with your personal cardiologist. Good luck!!!
         Dr. P

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