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I am 41 and otherwise healthy. I have palpitations but have had them for years and they haven’t killed me yet so after numerous tests under a cardiologist- I ignore them now. My question is this. I periodically get chest discomfort. I tends to be localized and sharp or a tight feeling. I have noticed that is sometimes sore around the area when I push on the area of the chest. The “discomfort typically lasts a 1- 15 seconds and goes away but can come and go. I walk about an hour a day to include steps and hills and never feel this discomfort as it seems to be at rest only. My father had a 4 bypass at age 55 but never had a heart attack. Does this sound like pain originating from the heart? Thanks for your service.

Your pain sounds musculoskeletal but given your family history ask your cardiologist about a 64 slice CT to assess coronary calcification. If your score is above zero you belong on a statin and aspirin. Good luck!!!
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