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Hello, I have been struggling with a wide range of symptoms for years. Let me preface by saying I grew up with homeless parents and was not able to seek medical car for anything. I am now 22 and having issues. They range from acid reflux, sharp pain in my left shoulder & left chest, constant fatigue, random vertigo, extreme stomach distention where i look 9 months pregnant, heart palpitations, gas & indigestion every time i eat,It is more difficult to breath when I lay flat, I often cough up phlegm, etc. The list goes on and on. The worst is constant chest pain (left sided/sharp) Also, A nurse at my college told me I have a heart murmur and should get an echo. Cant afford that, and don't have insurance. I am burnt out on all of this, and It has caused me to start having severe anxiety attacks. There is no gastroenterologist on this website at the time, thought Id ask here. Thank you for anything !!!!!

Hi Ashley,
There is nothing any doctor can advice w/o a full consultation. Your symptoms are not specific, but if you think they are GI related, read this:
However, w/o objective information it is wrong to guess!
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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