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Hi there, This is a multi-part question.  I am a 27 year old female with diagnosed anxiety and panic disorder.  I have have pvc's as far going on 8 years now.  And more recently I have developed, or just become more aware of, my racing heart beat.  I've been to the cardiologist multiple times; had many ekg's, worn the holter, and had an echo...all of which were normal.  But I still can't get over my major anxiety related to my heart.  I appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions!

1. I've read that pvc's tend to go away after about 10 years.  Is this true?

2. If I take my prescribed Xanax when I feel like my heart is racing, and it brings my heart rate back to normal (which it always does), does this "prove" that the racing heart was only anxiety-related, and not because of something more sinister?

3. I have exercise-induced anxiety...I get really nervous about exercising because I'm afraid my heart will not stop racing.  What is a good beginner's target-heart rate to shoot for as I begin to try to exercise more?

4. I feel like the littlest things get my heart racing.  Is this only because I am certainly out of shape, or should I be concerned?  At what bmp should I get concerned that my heart rate is too high?

Hi Leslie,
The great majority of PVCs are completely benign and require little if any treatment at all.  In rare cases, PVCs may be a sign of underlying heart disease.
PVCs, PACs etc. are all arrhythmias for which drugs like beta blockers are often used to reduce their frequency and incidence.
To calculate your risk for developing heart disease, use our Cardiac Risk Assessment questionnaire:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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